Monday, May 1, 2017

Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang does mostly illustrative work, but is also well rounded in graphic design, printmaking, and web designing. Being passionate about illustrating myself, I was definitely drawn to her work and achievements. Her website is very simple, but it does showcase her illustrations as well as all her accomplishments with the companies she has worked with. It's just a simple scroll down for every page, but it is filled with all her illustrative projects and events, which makes it interesting and easy to see her work. There are a of tabs at the top because she has a lot of press, interviews, and events that she has attended or hosted. However, I think it makes her portfolio more impressive. I also like all the photography of her events because you get a glimpse of her life and how she works. Additionally, her about page is very unique because she creates visual illustrations about herself. I like how she lets her art speak for her.

Check out her site here

Taylor Ho

Taylor Ho is primarily a web designer. I really liked how minimalistic his website was, and it was still able to represent him well. There are only two tabs on the site but both categories lists all the information needed. The portfolio shows all his web design work, which you can click on and it will bring you to a small slide show with more information. His social media icons and contact information are always at the bottom of the pages. What I thought was most unique was his "about" page, which played a video in the background as you read about who he is and what he does. I think the video helps give a good visual of who he is and what is personality is like. He also listed his resume and achievements after the description of himself, which was pretty impressive. 

Check out more of his site here

Full Force Wolf Horse

Full Force Wolf Horse is a creative audio 
design and music production group. They have interesting range of projects since they create sounds for videos, art installations, video games, movies, etc. What I thought was really neat about their website is how they incorporate so many different sounds to anything that is clickable. This is a great way to incorporate a bit of who they are and what they do. It also makes their website stand out. The sounds make it quite comical, which gives a bit of their personality as well. However, some things I did not like about the site was all the different font types and sizes, which made it very inconsistent. 

Check them out and listen to all the wacky sounds!


Gravity is a creative animation and effects group based in Israel. Their animation definitely made their website more interactive and interesting. There is even an animation when the page is loading, which keeps the viewers' attention when waiting for the page. The site itself is very easy to navigate with a lot of stimulation to keep you wanting to see more of their work. Everything is neatly categorized and easy to find. All the videos are quickly viewed with one click and there is more information about the project at the bottom. It is quick to exit out of the videos to go back to the previous page as well. Overall, I think this is a very unique site. 

Check them out 

Thursday, March 9, 2017


I have been testing out Tumblr as an alternative for my portfolio. I found some pretty neat Tumblr pages that are being used as a website or portfolio display. Tumblr creates a large visual for your pieces in an organized fashion. There are various templates to pick from and most of the settings are preset. It also has an auto effect that lowers the opacity whenever you hover over a picture to let you know that you are viewing that design. Once you click onto the design, you have a much closer view with a more detailed description of the piece. The site is very easy to navigate and has a minimalistic aesthetic for a cleaner look. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I found this web design by a European agency that provides different creative services such as consulting, branding, and designing. I thought they had a very simple yet unique layout. They're whole site is basically a giant scroll bar but there are subtle hints on how to navigate it, which is helpful for users. For example, there's handwritten type that states the logo is a menu and directions to scroll down. However, I thought the placement of type was kind of awkward because it is very bold and in the way of the designs when scrolling.
Check them out here

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


This company provides a wide range of creative services, such as graphic design, web design, advertisement, content developing, social media, digital production, etc. They did a great job on their website in displaying the variety of work in an organized fashion. The site is very clean yet unique and dynamic. Plus, their navigation tool is pretty neat! I also like how they have icons for additional links to other portfolio platforms at the very bottom to showcase more work. 

Check out their site -